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Based in Los Angeles, CA

Development Time

August 2018 - May 2019

Press/Business Contact

Aimee Zhang, Game Director









Plasticity is a 2.5D cinematic platformer about a young girl named Noa who explores and decides the future of her post-oil, plastic-ridden world. Set in the year 2140, in a world where plastic consumption never ended, leaving lifeless cities, flooded towns, and widespread disease in its wake, players will make choices that either help or harm the environment and it's living creatures. After a certain point of the game is reached, 10 years will pass and players will see and play through the impact of their own choices.

Release Date

Free on Steam as of May 24, 2019



Supported Platforms

Initial release for Windows PC


This free game was created by 30 students from the renowned USC Games Program in partnership with the USC Games Advanced Games Project program and the USC Environmental Studies department. In 2018, Game Director, Aimee Zhang and Lead Designer, Michelle Olson created the initial game concept and prototype in order to inspire people to care about animals and their relationship with single-use plastics. In 2019, the project was developed over the course of 9 months and the game shipped on Steam in May 2019.

Awards & Recognitions

  • Games For Change, "Best Student Game" Finalist (2020)

  • Indie Megabooth Game Developers Conference, "Official Selection" (2020)

  • IndieCade, "Official Nominee" (2019)

  • IndieCade at E3, "Official Selection" (2019)

  • Jam City, "Bazillion Dollar Idea" Winner (2019)

  • Green Engagement Fund Recipient (2019)

  • Stevens Innovator Showcase, "Official Selection" (2018)

  • Intentional Play Summit, "Best Student Game" Nominee (2018)

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Selected Articles

  • "A 2.5D platformer that explores a plausible future Earth ravaged by oil and plastic. Plasticity is about showing the results of our actions and the positive impacts of change when it comes to pollution and climate."

- Matt Paprocki, Forbes

  • "The game shows the immediate effects of making an environmentally conscious decision... with the hope of inspiring players to think about actions big and small, be it reusing products or thinking more deeply about which companies to support."

- Todd Martens, The LA Times

  • "A nice way to spend half an hour. Plasticity is a lovely game about small acts of environmental kindness."

- Jay Castello, Rock Paper Shotgun

  • "A relaxing and thoughtful experience that I would happily recommend."

- Rachael Brearton, Indie Hive

  • "Despite its heavy message, Plasticity is a feel-good game, in that you feel ready to save the world when you finish the story."

- Sam Begley-May, Game Luster

  • "If you’ve ever wondered what the future may look like, you should try Plasticity. Without change, it could very well be accurate."

- Julia Couture, Indie Games Plus

  • "The perfect vehicle to teach environmental sustainability to young kids... The aesthetic feels reminiscent of a Studio Ghibli film, and the soundtrack matches. In essence, Plasticity exudes this inviting atmosphere, despite the drab, dreary future it paints."

- Robert Scarpinito, TechRaptor

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Game Director

Aimee Zhang

Lead Designer

Michelle Olson

Lead Producer

Timothi Lim

Lead Engineer

James Collins

Lead Artist

Justin Lu

Audio Lead

Zi Woythaler

Usability Lead

Dalton Chancellor

Marketing Lead

Alejandro Villero


Sully Zack

Kyle van Wiltenburg


Zi Woythaler

Drew Okenfuss

Technical Artist

Wayne Yip

3D Artists

Skylar Kelley

Jamie Liao

Aimee Zhang


Hayley Tomaszewski

Aimee Zhang

2D Artists

Sarah Wang

Sophie Chu

Art Directors

Ryan Li

Jason Park


Natalie Moller

Sound Designer

Tavi Zeir


Matt Hollander

Selina Liu

Sid Juneja

Usability Researchers

Anthony Hernandez

Max Wolf

Additional Art

Katie Yu

Christie Xu

Jake Tribe

Kevin Ke

Additional Programming

Vincent Bertoni

Matthew Giles

Additional Writing

Ryan Zubery

Additional Art Production

Maureen Wang